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"Clean Water" and "It Cleans It"

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There is a difference in "clean water" and "clean" when using the Kangen Water machine.

The green button that says "clean water" and has 7.0 pH written on it is 7.0 pH water. The "clean water" is dispensed through the top flexible hose. This water has been through the cleaning filter portion of the system but it has not gone through the electrolysis process. This water is used when you are taking medications, for watering small animals, and mixing baby formula. The Kangen water (8.5-9.5 pH) is hexagonal and because of that structure, it absorbs into your cells much quicker than other types of water. Medications are not created for this absorption rate. They are created for normal tap water. Most vitamins are fine with the higher pH waters since you want them to absorb quickly. That way you are receiving the maximum benefit before you urinate them out. However, if you were to use it with Niacin, it is going to hit your system much quicker and could be quite uncomfortable creating an intense flush. Same would be the case for blood pressure medicine, etc. So you can see why you would want to use "Clean water 7.0" for taking medications. Be on the safe side.

When taking prescription medications: discontinue drinking the Kangen Water (8.5-9.5 pH) 10-15 minutes prior to taking medication, use the Clean water (7.0 pH) to take your prescriptions, then give yourself at least 30 minutes before resuming drinking the Kangen Water (8.5 pH to 9.5 pH).

It is also suggested that if you feel the need to drink water with a meal and the meal contains a concentrated protein, like animal products, that you consume Clean water (7.0 pH) rather than Kangen water (8.5-9.5 pH) with that meal. However, Dr. Shinya's book the Enzyme Factor suggests that you refrain from drinking water at all during meals and 1 hour prior to meals. He says that it helps with enzymes and digestion.

Then you asked about when the machine says "it cleans it". This is actually a cleaning cycle for the machine. After a certain amount of water has run through the machine, it automatically cleans the system. Just turn the water on and allow it to run until the machine says the water type that the button is on. For example, let's say you have the button on 9.5pH, turn the water on and you reach out to put some water into a container, the machine says "it cleans it". You should allow the machine to run water into the sink until it says "Kangen Water 9.5", then you can put your container under the facet and fill it.

After making Strong Acidic Water (2.5 pH), your machine will run a clean cycle also. Just set the button on the type of drinking water you want, turn on the faucet and let it run through the cycle. It will let you know when the type of water you selected is flowing through the nozzle.

Hope this clears up some questions about features on the SD501 Water System.
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