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Fluoride in the Water: Good or Bad?

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So often parents make the statement that their children have to drink tap water because they need the fluoride for strong, healthy teeth. They express concerns that if they use a filtration system or a Kangen Water generator that they will be depriving their children of a vital nutrient.

They couldn't be further from the truth. Sometimes things get lost in translation.

What they don't realize is that fluoride is great for healthy teeth; HOWEVER, it is not to be ingested. You get fluoride from toothpastes and mouthwashes. All of which should be spit out and not swallowed.

Dr. Hardy Limeback, BSc, PhD, DDS was one of the 12 scientists who served on the National Academy of Sciences panel that issued a report calling a halt on drinking water fluoridation programs across the USA and asked EPA management to recognize fluoride as posing a serious risk of causing cancer in people. Fluoride in Drinking water: A Scientific Review of the EPA's standards. Dr. Limeback is an associate professor of dentistry and head of the preventive dentistry program at the University of Toronto. He further wrote his concerns in a letter dated April 2005 titled, "Why I am ow officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water". He goes on in the article to state serious harm that can be caused from long-term fluoride ingestion.

Another example of cutting costs when they probably shouldn't be. Hydrofluorosilicic acid is recovered from the smokestack scrubbers during the production of phosphate fertilizer and sold to most of the major cities in North America, which use this industrial grade source of fluoride to fluoridate drinking water, rather than the more expensive pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride salt. Interestingly enough, fluorosilicates have never been tested for safety in humans. They are contaminated with trace amounts of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and radium that accumulate in humans. Increased lead levels have been found in children living in fluoridated communities. Bone cancer has been shown to be associated with radium in the drinking water.

Just another tidbit of information. Half of all ingested fluoride remains in the skeletal system and continues to collect over your lifetime. Like we need more things accumulating in our bodies. This increases the risk of bone fractures and arthritis. And guess who is at a larger risk? People who consume more water, such as athletes, people who know the importance of being hydrated, and people with diabetes.

Studies have also found that fluoride accumulates in parts of the brain.

I don't know about you but I am with the doctors. I think that fluoride in my drinking water is BAD and completely not necessary. I would like to take care of my health.

A Kangen Water generator is a perfect solution to removing some of the fluoride from your drinking water along with lead and other harmful particulate and providing your family with the healthiest safest drinking water on the planet. In areas with high fluoride levels, you may choose to add a 3 stage filter to help eliminate as much as possible before it even gets to your Kangen Water generator, therefore removing even more.

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