Friday, October 22, 2010

Chilean Miners saved by Kangen Water

MSI World Team members attended 1st Annual Global Event for Enagic in Las Vegas last weekend and team member Kathryn Conary had this to say about her experience. 
I was sitting in the Saturday afternoon presentations at the Las Vegas Global Training, with one of my new distributors.  There was a beautiful lady sitting on the left side of my new distributor.  It came to light that she was former Miss Chile.  She was introduced and shared about her experience in providing Kangen Water to the Chilean miners who were trapped.   She said that three days after the accident happened, she felt a strong desire to find a way to get this water to them.  She contacted the Chilean government officials and met with the President.  A system was devised in order for her to fulfill her mission.  She said she helped with the design of the tube that was used to send the water down to the miners.  She talked about when she got to the AP in Chile, the only thing that successfully arrived was the Kangen Water equipment, but her clothes did not!  Her son, who traveled with her, said, “don’t worry mommy, the most important thing arrived!”  So they got  to  the accident site; and since the water in Chile is so hard, Miss Chile had to make several trips to the hardware store to find the right fittings, but she got it connected and they started sending fresh Kangen Water down to the miners every day, until they were successfully rescued.   I think this is a primary reason why the men were in such good shape after their ordeal.  They were properly hydrated and their bodies were able to endure the stress of the accident and the entrapment for so long.

Looks like Kangen Water is getting some great exposure and now the Chilean Navy are checking it out. They want Kangen Water for all there personnel.
I am very grateful to have Kangen Water in my life and realize every day how critical it is to my health and success in life.
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