Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Kangen Water is better!

1. Medical grade piece of equipment, not a kitchen appliance. It is
built to last with a 5 year warranty.

2. The SD501 has 17 certifications. That really speaks to the quality
of the water and of the machine. The other machines do not have these certifications.

3. The SD501 is the only machine on the market that is UL listed,
meaning that is has passed all of the government regulations and inspections.

4. Many of the competitior's machines do not cover hard water or have
use disclaimers that are in the very fine print.

5. The competitor machines do not make 2.5 pH or the 11.5, which is
used for killing E. Coli and Salmonella and used to remove herbicides and pesticides. The pH must go as low as 2.5 in order to actually kill these bacteria. Many of the competitor brands make false claims that they make the same kind of water as the Enagic machines and they do not actually make low enough acidic water to kill the bacteria. 3.0 doesn't do it.

6. Another thing that the competitors fail to mention is that some of
the machines cost $1000/plate to repair. When they are sprayed they are NOT durable and will bend and break.

7. The amount of water that the machines can produce is another huge
difference. Many of the other machines on the market, cannot produce more than 2 gallons per day.

8. The number and size of the plates matters because of surface area and the amount of anti-oxidants that are produced.

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