Monday, January 5, 2009

The Water Puzzle

I just finished reading one of the books off of MSI World Team's suggested reading list.

I was first introduced to the term Hexagonal Water in mid 2008.  The way it was described to me was like throwing baseballs at a chain-link fence. What happens?  Well, they bounce back. What happens if you take a handful of marbles and throw them at a chain-link fence? Obviously, they go right through. Hexagonal Water is similar in that it is a shape and size that actually penetrates the cells and hydrates.  Many other waters of different make-up just never make it into the cell and they end up going right through us, if you know what I mean. They leave us dehydrated.

I was also extremely shocked when after months of being diagnosed as "dehydrated", after one month of being on the Kangen Water, I had increased my hydration by 2%.  I never would have guessed by changing my water that I would increase the absorption of water and therefore hydration. I was thrilled to realize that some of the wrinkles around my eyes had actually disappeared.  It never really occurred to me that my dehydration was the cause of my wrinkles. It got me to thinking more about the affect that dehydration has on the body. 

Here are a few excerpts from chapters in : The Water Puzzle

"...At the cellular level, aging causes a shift in the ratio of water inside vs. outside the cell.  The volume of water inside the cell is reduced and cells "wither" just like the skin on the outside of the body."

"...the metabolic rate has been correlated with the amount of cell water turnover in the body and both have been linked with health and aging.  When seen from this perspective, cell water turnover becomes an important marker for overall health and longevity."

"Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.  Since aging is associated with the loss of Hexagonal Water from the body, it has been suggested that consuming Hexagonal Water results in a general slowing of the aging process. Several studies support this premise."

"In our experience, we have found that when individuals consume Hexagonal Water, the cellular water environment improves, contributing to increased health."

"Even though the source of the water we drink is important, the structure of that water is the key.  the best water for human consumption is Hexagonal Water.  this water is characterized by a small cluster size (verified using NMR technology) which penetrates the cells much faster (verified with Bio Impedance testing), supplying nutrients and oxygen more efficiently that unstructured water."

"Even our scientists, biologist and doctors have studied everything in water, without considering that the water itself and the structure of the water may be playing an equally, important role.  going forward, we have the opportunity to look at the whole picture and come to a more complete understanding of the relationship between water and life."

This is an excellent book for understanding more about Hexagonal Water and the important role that it plays in hydration and slowing the aging process. 

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